Iron Art


The design phase begins with the drawing traced out on a sheet of paper, on the ground or at the work bench. These invaluable notes are jotted down with care and distil a lifetime work. Then an appropriate type of iron is chosen, soft and malleable or more resistant depending on the kind of object to be produced. The bases are cut and brought to working temperature of 900 to 1000°.


The rest is art, an art that stems from experience and manual skills but also from the colours of the earth, the inspiration of the landscape, the nature and the seasons. Guided by expert hands hammer and chisels shape and notch giving form to the metal which as if by magic is slowly transformed.

All the art works are fully realized by hand in the old way, using fire and hammer

Some of the art works come from Biagiotti’s family fantasy, others are perfect reproductions of ancient works coming from different periods, such as the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. It’s furthermore possible to order art works according to the demand of the customer.